Thai Green Balm, 200 g



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Thai Green balm from muscle pain.

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Thai green balm is used for rubbing and massage for pain in the muscles, sprains, and bruises. Helps relieve itching and rashes after insect bites. Green Balm has first warming and then cooling effect.

Avoid contact with eyes. Carefully wash hands after use.

Thai Green Balm - best tool for people involved in sports.


Worth every dollar!

Best topical medicine for muscle & joint pain. Aroma is wonderful, think pine trees and herbs with a hint of spice. You will be glad you purchased this. It is absolutely phenomenal for getting massages on sore areas of the body such as back, hands, feet & knees.

This is not as abrasive to the skin as Tiger Balm (tiger balm burns some people's skin). This is smooth to the skin. This is a time-tested, proven medicine that works!

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Thai Green Balm, 200 g

Thai Green Balm, 200 g

Thai Green balm from muscle pain.

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