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Buy balm from Thailand, which helps to cope with many illnesses.

If you want to buy a balm from Thailand, which helps to cope with many illnesses, then you've come to the address. In our online store of goods from Asia are Thai balms from joint pain - red balm from muscle pains best suited balm green, yellow balm will help to cope with back pain, white - great help with colds and neuralgia.
Thai balms are based on coconut and palm oil with Thai herbs. Each balm of more than a hundred. The secret of making still kept secret. All manufacturers balms, have their own recipe, which has not been disclosed.
Anyone who has ever tried to imagine the action of Thai balm, was able to appreciate its healing properties.
Red Thai balm contains in its composition red pepper, balsam has a strong warming effect. This unique balm can be used to remove the articular and muscular pain. Balm is very good at pulling menstrual pain in women. In Thailand, masseuses often used at therapeutic massage balm. Red balm is also very good for fractures and promotes faster healing bone.
Thai Yellow Balm is unique in its kind, because it helps even with intervertebral hernia, relieves back pain, excellent remedy for sciatica and chondrosis, it does not have such a strong warming effect as red.
Thai Green Balm most suitable for athletes and people with active lifestyles. Balm has a slight cooling effect and is very effective in injuries of different etymology (strains, sprains, bruises). Good and fast resolves bruises. Relieves pain with burning skin, helps to relieve itching and irritation from insect bites.
As part of the white Thai balm in addition to herbs and oils, contains whale oil. Balm has a weak warming effect. A good remedy for colds. Balm can be used for both adults and children in the period of infectious diseases, coughs and sore throat. Should rub balm white chest and back.
It should also be noted that in our online store Thai goods and goods from Asia commercially available kobrovy balm. As part of the black kobra balm addition of oils and herbs contained pepper, eucalyptus and milled bone and skin of the snake, as well as bamboo charcoal. This is literally a miracle balm made according to ancient recipes. With every muscle and joint pain balm handle this in a matter of time.


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