Love and Coffee

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- True love - coffee, which varish home in the morning.

Espresso - this is life. Bitter but invigorating. The first sip can seem tasteless, but finishing his cup always want one more. And another often does not have enough time.

Cappuccino - is love. First, tart, then sweet and easy, and in fact - all the same life. But the moments when the sweet and tart - the best. By the way, you can always just eat and drink foam, but that very few people come to mind. Apparently, it's all the same in combination.

Latte - a dream, espresso, milk diluted with hope and foam, remember, is not it? The same foam, which is in the cappuccino. But no cinnamon, do not have the astringency, which allows to feel the moment.

There are Mocha - Coffee with hot chocolate. Mocha - is melancholy. Thick and viscous. But even there the milk mocha. And the sweetness, the one that you will not find in espresso, for example. Her and feel at once, and each time did not really understand why it was ordered. Only then you remember, at the very moment when it becomes sweet.

Irish, Irish coffee - a passion. Somewhere, at the bottom, burning alcohol. You can mix, then he hardly felt if the coffee is prepared correctly, of course. But he's still there, and still inevitably get drunk. By the way, yes, worse than bad espresso can only be a poor Irish.

And ristretto. Ristretto - is death. This is when the whole of life - in one gulp. Drinking, ask the expense and care. Usually so.

- And love? True love?

- True love - coffee, which varish home in the morning. Freshly ground, preferably by hand. With cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom. Coffee, next to which we must stand, not to run away, otherwise hopelessly spoiled taste. We must see to it that he got up three times, then pour a spoonful of cold water in pots, wait a few minutes to settled grounds. Coffee that is poured into a cup and an old favorite drink, feeling every sip, every day. I am enjoying every sip.

© Max Frye, "Coffee Book"


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