Thai whitening toothpaste. Application and useful properties.

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Due to the natural components of toothpaste from Thailand perfectly cleans and whitens teeth. Whitening Toothpaste - a completely natural product!

If you've ever been in Thailand, you probably noticed the whiteness of Thai people’s teeth. And I must say that it is not only genes, but also the proper oral care. Thailand produces huge number of toothpastes, and they are all made from natural ingredients. Thai toothpaste is very different from toothpaste brands, which many are accustomed to use. They have different color and smell and texture, and most importantly, the composition. For example, common pink toothpaste in round jar, which is composed of: Asteraceae - a plant of the aster family, popularly known as chamomile, it disinfects the oral cavity and eliminates the inflammation of the gums, Lauraceae - this plant family Lauraceae - strengthens tooth enamel, Mentol, freshens breath, Clove oil - the oil of cloves, which provides a strong antibacterial effect. Because of these natural ingredients Thai toothpaste perfectly cleans and whitens teeth. Whitening Toothpaste - a completely natural product!

Its use is very simple: unpack the box, open the sealed jar, then unpack the protective film. Dry toothbrush is necessary to make a few moves on the surface of the paste, so that on the villi of the toothbrush formed a small plaque. Another method - each box has a spatula, it is possible to take a small amount of paste, about a match head, and put on the brush. This small amount is enough to perfectly clean and protect teeth. After use, close the lid. Should not be allowed to hit the water for the pasta, otherwise it will become wet.

Fresh breath and clean teeth feeling persists throughout the day, you will feel it from the first application !!!

Thai toothpaste company ISME has international certificates ISO9002 and GMP.

Also in our store you can buy, except toothpaste, tooth powder - a great tool to fight tartar, gum disease and tooth enamel whitening.

If you've never used the Thai toothpaste, it is highly recommended you make the order and leave your feedback. Whatever Thai toothpaste would you choose, the condition of your teeth will noticeably improve and you will not want to use other toothpaste!


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