What is the difference between the BB and CC creams. How to use BB and CC cream.

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What is the difference between the BB cream of the CC-cream?

More recently, in our shop appeared BB and CC cream with snail slime Korean brand Belov.
What is it that is different from the BB cream CC-cream?

And so, the CC-cream.
SUMMARY means lies already in its title. "CC" - an abbreviation of the English. Colour Correction. The main task of such a product - to improve the complexion.
Like his colleague of the above, professional moisturizes and protects the epidermis. It stands as an abbreviation for Blemish Balm. His life - even out skin tone, eliminating defects (spots, redness, scars ...).

But first, to answer the question than BB and CC creams differ from the usual tone of creams? But they differ - the composition!
And BB and CC creams can be applied as many times as a dot (to mask the vascular spider veins, acne, acne scars, redness), the cream is still adjusted to the skin tone. With conventional creams such focus will not pass, the place re-application of foundation is required to be highlighted.
And BB and CC - creams are water-silicone based. So what's the difference?
At BB - cream silicone component is greater than that of the CC cream.
BB cream is denser than the CC-cream.
BB cream is stronger shines on the skin of the coming few hours, and if the skin is prone to the active selection of bacon, the classic Bibik a few hours after application will no longer look like a "delicate glow" promised advertising, but for dry skin is ideal.
BB cream feels on the skin and the mind is more like a nourishing cream, and the CC-cream and gives a sense of kind of the finest powder.
 BB - the cream should not be applied to the area around the eyes, CC-cream can be used as a concealer and apply to the skin around the eyes.
Thanks to light texture CC-creams are more versatile. If BB-creams are considered heavy artillery for those times when you really have something to hide, then CC-creams are suitable for daily use. They do not clog pores, does not create the effect of the film on the face, the skin beneath them breathing.

As part of the caring functions BB and CC-creams have good performance. The implication is that BB and CC-cream is able to completely replace skin daycare, even with severe disabilities. The creams Asian manufacture a large amount of moisturizing ingredients, vitamins and components that protect and rejuvenate the skin.
Also, BB and CC creams have a high SPF 28-35 PA. You do not have to use extra sunscreen even in the summer.

How to use?
It is believed that BB and CC-cream can be applied directly to cleansed skin instead of moisturizing cream. If you have normal skin, then yes, you can, but if you have oily or dry skin, it should be prior to application of BB or CC cream to use their usual matting or moisturizer, and only then apply the BB or CC-cream.
And BB, and CC-cream must be applied to the skin with fingers, not sponge. Heat cream hand allow better distributed over the surface of the skin without causing divorces. Excess cream can be wet sponge or cloth.
How to wash?
Silicones are the basis of BB and CC-creams and do not dissolve in water, but fat soluble. Therefore, in order to wash away the cream may be any means for removing makeup, which contain in the oil. Also quite suitable milk for removing make-up, and the liquid and gel - anything that contains oil and is designed to dissolve makeup, which also consists of a variety of silicones.

Summing up I would say that for me, the CC-cream is not improved or lightweight form of BB-creams and cosmetic self unit. If I need to quickly put together and light, day make-up, I will choose the CC-cream, it is easier and faster spread, and if you need a thorough makeover, the BB cream, it can disguise any bumps and blemishes. Smooth and flat face like a magazine cover!


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