Crystal Deodorant

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Deodorants crystals - is the product of volcanic activity, extracted from the natural environment.

What is A Crystal Deodorant.

Crystals deodorant (also called mineral alunite or deodorant) are 100% of alum. Alum is a product of volcanic activity, extracted from the natural environment.

The composition of the crystals.

There is no aluminum in the formula. It contains double salts: aluminum-ammonium and potassium. Common antiperspirants contain aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum chloride obtained in the laboratory.

There is a misconception that the component Alum, which is indicated on the labels of crystals (other option: potassium, or potash alum) - is aluminum. This is not true!
The mineral dissolves very slowly and will serve you for years. Use it on damp skin and always store in a dry place.
Often manufacturer adds a variety of natural supplements, such as mangosteen, aloe vera, ginger and so on. These additives only improve the quality of the crystal by adding to it new and useful properties.
Processed deodorants sold in sticks - is the perfect combination of modern amenities and the usual packaging. Sticks come in different weight - 100g, 70g, and 40g.

Features of the natural minerals.

1. NATURAL - most of the cosmetics is positioned as a natural, it is composed of preservatives. A striking feature of deodorant crystals - no preservatives, because alum are themselves preservatives. Alum has long been used in medicine as antibacterial, hemostatic and anti-inflammatory agent.

2. Safety - the action takes place outside alum without clogging pores or disturbing thermoregulation. No risk of inflammation of glands pore blockage. Crystal is suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers, people with allergies and for people who can not tolerate scents.

3. Economy - a medium-sized chip is enough for about 1-2 years of use. It turns out that the cost of using the crystal 3-5 times lower than the cost of using chemical deodorants over the same time period. In addition, the crystal can be used by a family.

4. Efficiency - Crystal is more efficient than industrial chemical deodorants. It does not mask the smell of sweat, does not clog pores, it does not disturb the temperature regulation of the body. Also the crystal can also be used as antibacterial, antifungal, healing agent. It can be used to relieve irritation after shaving and insect bites. Crystal effectively dries any inflammation and pimples on the skin.


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