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Any makeup, whether it is a cream, serum or mask, you need to know how to use properly.

The topic hair care, is perhaps the most exciting. Many girls have already tried indelible hair products from our shop. Someone loved it immediately, and somebody was not able to appreciate the beauty of their use. And all because any makeup, whether it is a cream, serum or mask, you need to know how to use properly.

And so, the hair oil.
We will talk about special indelible means of hair.
How often to apply and how to use.
Silk hair oil ginseng root.
After its application, the hair really looks like silk. Convenient dispenser allows economical use of the product. Korean red ginseng root directly in the bottle.

Better means for smoothing hair, I have not yet found.
Hair oil in small packages with jojoba oil and vitamin E. The Tubes in the form of fish of different color. What is the difference of each color can be read here. One such fish is enough for 3-4 applications.

Both oil perfectly evens and smooths dry damaged hair.
The composition of of both oils, in addition to very useful for hair, vitamin E, ginseng and jojoba oil, also contain light silicones Cyclomethicone and Dimethicone. These two ingredients - mineral oil is easily absorbed, which do not carry no threat to the body.

They form on the surface of the hair protective film, which solders and smoothes the scales split ends, creating an effect smooth and shiny curls. They also prevent the wash out pigment color after coloring. They protect the hair from the harmful effects of the environment - water containing chlorine, extreme temperatures, UV active. And finally, the laying process is much easier: the hair dry quickly, easy to comb, protected from harmful heat treatment hairdryer.

Hair oil should not be used every day. Use it only when necessary. Always used to improve hair health, better treatment hair mask. That mask nourish and treat damaged hair. The oil also gives the hair more good visual effect, protects the hair and prevents split ends brittle.

For example, before going to the beach, you can apply a hair oil. It will protect your locks from the sun and seawater. You can apply it if you are planning to stacking, hair will look smooth and well-groomed. The use of oil 1-2 times a week would be enough to hair remained in excellent condition.

Apply hair oil can both wet and dry hair. It absorbs quickly and leaves no fat on the hair, and does not weigh down the hair. On the roots should not be applied only on the length of hair and the ends.

Press out on his palm is not more than 1-2 drops of oil. Rub it in your hands and apply on the hair and the ends light stroking movements.
Almost instantly, you will feel how your hair changed.

Still, there are indelible serum for hair, which can be an alternative to oil.

Serum based on coconut oil, vitamin E, herbal serum for growth and strengthen the hair. They must be used in the same way as for the hair oil. Application frequency is the same as that of the oils. But unlike oil, which are designed to smooth and fill shine hair serum is aimed at intensive moisturizing and nourishing the hair.

The effect of serum is somewhat different from the oil. Spray from a vial on the surface of the hair, you will notice that the hair became softer, obedient, easy to comb. Super shine both on the oil will not, but smooth and well-groomed appearance is provided.

Also, do not forget about the treatment tonics for hair loss. These funds are used only in conjunction with the shampoo for hair loss. They are designed to work not on the hair, and the hair follicle, strengthening it from within. Suffice it once a year, for the prevention of hair loss using this means that the hair remained strong and healthy.

The main thing to remember that every means to care for hair, is good in moderation. Do not neglect this rule, and then your hair will always look shiny, elastic, to flow over her shoulders, and sparkle in the sun, attracting the admiring glances of others.


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