To your skin was soft and smooth, it needs a permanent dedicated care. Body oils-this is the tool that will help make the skin soft, smooth to the touch and beautiful in appearance.
The components that are part of the oils well moisturize, remove dryness and irritation, and nourish the skin.

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Coconut oil 100% cold...

There are a huge number of applications of 100% coconut oil. Ranging from cooking to soap making. Coconut oil is not for nothing that was so widely used. All thanks to the huge amount of saturated fatty acids, as much as 92%! This means that saturated fatty acids prevent oil formation of free radicals, and it is a significant plus. In cold-pressed coconut oil 50% content of lauric acid, which not only has antibacterial properties, but is a natural antioxidant. Lauric acid kills viruses, fungi and bacteria. Regular consumption of coconut oil increases the level of lauric acid in the milk of lactating women from 3% to 18%! Coconut oil has the easiest molecular weight, this is due to its easy penetration into the skin. With all these qualities to have the coconut oil at home is necessary.

Massage oils

In order to relax and have fun, you don't have to go to a professional therapist. Ask someone close to you to give you a bit of time massaging the shoulders and neck, stretch your back muscles. Thai massage oils with extracts of fruits and flowers will not only ensure easy sliding during a massage, but also will remove stress, moisturize skin, will awaken feelings and return freshness and vivacity.

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