Thai anesthetic cream for athletes Muay Thai

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Thai Muay Thai boxing cream is a herbal ointment on the basis of only natural ingredients.

Thai Muay Thai boxing cream is a herbal ointment on the basis of only natural ingredients. Balm Muay warms up the muscles and joints before exercise to prevent serious injury, preparing the athlete's body to the load voltage. Muay Thai supports the athlete during training and competition, eliminates and reduces pain.

Muay Thai ointment is widely used by sports doctors and athletes of all disciplines. Anesthetic cream is used in every gym in Thailand, in each camp of Muay Thai fighters. Ointment can be rubbed on training immediately before the fight, as well as for faster muscle recovery after the fight.

Muay Thai ointment allowed by the International Kickboxing Federation, according to which rules ointment can be applied to all of the athlete's body, except for his face. The leader of the company and the CEO for the production of ointments Muay Thai boxing, is Thai, a direct descendant of the founder of the company to which the invention pertains and ointments. The inventor was a doctor of pharmacology at the University of Southern California, and his father was a boxing trainer who prepared the first three-time world boxing champion in the flyweight champion Pone Kingpetch.


Part of the methyl salicylate ointment, a natural analgesic that acts as a local analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent. Muay Thai ointment improves microcirculation in tissues with injuries, and normalizes capillary permeability, reduces swelling, removes lactic acid. The cream quickly penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin.

Muay Thai Cream is widely used not only for athletes but also for people in rehabilitation after injuries, accidents and the elderly. The cream has been successfully used in the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis, neuralgia, sciatica, and myositis.


Ingredients: Methyl salicylate 10.2%, Menthol 5.44%, Eugenol 1.36%.


Manufacturer: Devakam Apothecary Hall Co., Ltd., Chachoengsao, Thailand

Certification Number: 2A 151/50.


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