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Thai facial scrubs. Body scrubs. Use scrub.

Everyone knows that the insufficient cleansing the skin provokes inflammation of the face - acne and premature aging. What to do to avoid this trouble - you ask? Only regularly 2-3 times a week, apply a scrub for the face and body.

Any scrub contributes to a more intensive exfoliation of dead skin particles, but because it is composed of a variety of abrasives. If you do not force the issue, that is not "help" this process of exfoliation, the skin will look dull, stale, and, moreover, not very flat and smooth.

 In our store you can buy scrubs to suit all tastes.

The most inexpensive scrubs are Thai manufacturer of Banna, which are mostly made from natural ingredients. Peeling this manufacturer as facial and body have a thick creamy consistency with the addition of oils and extracts of fruits, as is most often used abrasive grind walnut shells.

Peeling of Boots and Oriental Princess have a higher price, as more complex in composition. In addition to extracts of fruits and flowers, as well as Thai herbal scrubs is present in the composition of collagen, seaweed, vitamins and other skin benefit agents. As can be seen most abrasive synthetic granules which are more carefully exfoliated skin particles than natural.

And of course we should emphasize cosmetics from Sabai Arom. It is unique in its kind cosmetics, created by nature itself. All cosmetic products that are made to 92-95% of natural ingredients! A stunning fragrance you very much!

Apply scrub to wet body need. Circular traffic intensity is necessary to massage the skin for three to five minutes. For sensitive skin better fit means with synthetic granules. Rinse with cool water Scrub better. This will give the tone of the skin and improve blood circulation.

All scrubs are composed of different oils, so do not require the use of the cream after the procedure. But if you have dry skin is exhausted, then after a shower with a scrub, apply perfumed body cream.

It ensures that after application of creams and scrubs, you do not want to use anything else. Your skin will be smooth, smooth, toned and breathe freshness and health.


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