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Thai toothpastes have no analogues in the world. All Thai dentists are fully organic product are made from natural herbal ingredients. Possess good cleaning properties, bleach, remove bad breath, strengthen gums.

Thai toilet and personal hygiene remedies.

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Thai toothpaste contains only natural ingredients from extracts of medicinal herbs and fruits, as well as coconut oil and bamboo charcoal. Thai toothpaste prevents the occurrence of periodontal disease, purifies the formation of tartar and relieves inflammation of the gums, strengthens and whitens teeth.


Thai deodorants Crystal, herbal powder deodorants, roller deodorants are made from 100% natural ingredients and mineral salts. Thai deodorants prevent the appearance of a smell of sweat by neutralizing bacteria. Crystal creates on the skin an invisible protective film that prevents the reproduction of bacteria, keeping your body fresh for a long time.
Thai deodorants are the absolutely natural product. Do not contain salts of aluminum, zinc, parabens, flavors.

Natural Soap,...

Natural soaps and Facial Foam normalize the work of the sebaceous glands. The composition of Thai, Korean and Japanese remedies often contains hyaluronic acid, collagen and oils and plant extracts. These components normalize the sebum secretion.

Facial Foam rejuvenates the skin. Some agents contain substances that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Products with a placental formula and slime of snails can be considered particularly useful.

Natural detergents prevent the appearance of acne. Due to the content of natural essential oils, soap and Facial Foam block the growth of pathogenic microflora on the face and body.

Also Asian means for washing rid of pigment spots. There are special whitening foams, which contain components that brighten pigment spots and freckles.

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