What is it SYN-AKE and how does it work?

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Let us know what SYN-AKE actually. Many people think that this is venom, but it is not so.

Anti-aging cream with snail mucus is, of course, is good, but it's time to talk about the heavy artillery. It's about SYN-AKE creams.

Let us know what SYN-AKE actually. Many people think that this is venom, but it is not so.

This snake venom can be a deadly and extremely rewarding. It is used in medicine and, of course, in cosmetology. The snake venom contains a peptide, which is responsible for muscle paralysis its victims, respectively, death by suffocation. It sounds a little scary, but do not worry.

Modern scientists have learned in the field of cosmetology artificially synthesize the peptide, namely, similar in structure to thereby peptide contained in the venom of vipers.

It is completely safe, completely non-toxic, and snakes do not suffer.


How does it work SYN-AKE cream?

SYN-AKE works to relax facial muscles, thereby smoothed and facial wrinkles. Today, it is one of the most effective anti-aging agents, comparable in efficiency, perhaps, with the "beauty injections". The creams containing SYN-AKE typically includes a cocktail of nutrients (hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, plant extracts, vitamins, etc.), they penetrate deep into the skin by strengthening it, making the face moisturized and elastic, which helps to quickly and effectively smooth wrinkles and tighten the face.


How to use SYN-AKE cream?

The effects of creams SYN-AKE is not instantaneous, and therefore it should be used course. SYN-AKE peptide accumulates gradually, so smeared with cream 1-2 times, you will not see the proper result. In order to notice a change, you need to use the funds containing SYN-AKE at least two weeks. The course is usually calculated at 1.5-2, and sometimes 6 months. Depending on the age and condition of the skin.


Also, if you really decided to take up the heavy artillery in the fight against age-related changes, you should not buy a cream with SYN-AKE, and a whole lot of care. Day Cream SYN-AKE will work day, night - night, and to the result you really pleased, be sure to use a cream for eye area.

That it will help to quickly get rid of wrinkles under the eyes. The peptide concentration SYN-AKE means all different. Cream SYN-AKE should be applied a pointwise directly on wrinkles.

The important point! It is impossible to simultaneously use cosmetics SYN-AKE means containing AHA-acids, since these components neutralize each other.


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