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The Cai Mei line of placenta creams is designed to provide you with the best skin care products that reverse the aging process and get you that healthy and young looking skin that you deserve. The placenta cream is a safe and affordable product to use every day without any side effects. Through daily use, you’ll immediately see results within a few weeks!

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Caimei Sheep Placenta (blue) - Moisturizing cream

Moisturizing cream with a nutrient base saturates the skin with moisture, simultaneously nourishes it and stimulates it to renewal due to the high content of sheep placenta. Deeply penetrates into skin cells, moisturizing and nourishing it; protects against UF-exposure.

Purpose: • It helps to normalize the water-lipid balance of the skin and increase the protective properties of the epidermis. • Softens and nourishes the skin, protecting it from drying and peeling. • Activates regenerative processes, helping to rejuvenate the skin. Suitable for skin of all types from 35 years of age.

Caimei Sheep Placenta (Pink) - Whitening Cream

It balances the skin condition, combating redness and flaking on sensitive areas, makes the complexion more even, and also saturates the skin with moisture, increasing its turgor and leveling the relief. The cream effectively removes wrinkles, dark, yellow-brown pigment spots, as well as spots that appear during pregnancy, acne and acne scars.

Purpose: • Helps reduce pigmentation, smooths complexion • Moisturizes the skin, supports natural defense mechanisms • Slows the appearance of visible signs of aging Suitable for all skin types from 35 years old.

Caimei Sheep Placenta (Orange) - Smoothing cream for the base

Activates the work of cells, strengthens the membranes of skin cells, helps to eliminate toxins. Perfectly protects the skin from UV exposure throughout the day. Gives the face velvety and gentle natural shade. Can be used at any age, suitable for any skin type.
You can use it as a basis for make-up, or you can effortlessly use it instead of a foundation. Just apply after it a little powder to make the appearance perfect.

Caimei Sheep Placenta (Green) - Anti-wrinkle cream

This unique cream speeds up metabolic processes in skin cells and stimulates its self-regeneration. The skin of the face becomes elastic and taut, the natural aging process slows down with regular use of the cream. Rejuvenating placental complex smoothes wrinkles and prevents their further formation.


Turn the time back!
Collagen (one of the main building proteins of the dermis), contained in the sheep placenta, is very similar in composition to the protein of human skin, due to which this agent can be successfully used in cosmetics. Extract of the placenta stimulates the growth of new cells and removes the aging-causing keratin, and also has antioxidant and immunostimulating properties. In addition, the sheep placenta extract contains proteins (more than 80%), fats (about 10%), amino acids, lecithin, saccharides and vitamins to maintain immunity.

Unlike traditional cosmetics, acting superficially, placental funds help the body to awaken hidden reserves, to make skin cells work actively, as in youth.

Philistine fears that placental cosmetics are detrimental to health, causing side effects and addiction, are no more than speculation. With the help of a high-tech method of molecular marking and extraction, manufacturers achieve a high degree of purification of the extract, and accordingly, the quality of the cosmetic product. Placental cosmetics, addressed to women 35-45 years old, promotes:

replenishment of collagen and elastin stores;
restoration of skin functions;
smoothing wrinkles;
helps slow the aging process.

But you can start using it from the age of 20 since the placenta increases the skin's resistance to aggressive environmental influences.


One of the greatest secrets that celebrities use to keep youthful and beautiful looking skin is sheep placenta cream. As part of their daily beauty regimen, placenta cream offers numerous benefits that showcase just how effective it is. It may seem like a strange thing to use as a beautifying product, but many have known the secret behind placenta cream. For those who are getting to know about the placenta cream and its many benefits, here’s a quick background and essential facts to help you get started.

The placenta is an integral part of pregnancy which helps the fetus gain the nutrients it needs to develop. Many studies have been conducted on the placenta to verify its many alternative uses and one of the best ways to use it is via a topical cream for the rejuvenation of the skin. While there are many kinds of the placenta, studies show that sheep placenta is highly compatible with human cells, making the beneficial effects more potent. Today, one of the popular products of this kind is the Cai Mei Sheep Placenta Cream. Often touted as a “miracle cream” the placenta cream helps to moisturize, reduce signs of aging, and restore the youthful glow of the skin.

With the relentless march of time, wrinkles, dryness and dull looking skin are natural to every person. However, this is where the placenta cream works best. The Cai Mei Moisturizing Placenta Cream provides your skin with the moisture it needs to stay firm, smooth and soft. Through everyday use, you’re making sure that your skin has the nourishment it needs to stay as healthy as possible and prevent the development of wrinkles, dullness and start to regenerate damaged skin cells.

If you already have fine lines and some traces of wrinkles you can use the Cai Mei Anti-Wrinkle Placenta Cream. This product works on existing wrinkles and reduces their appearance. Additionally, it helps the skin protect itself from the harsh environments that can further dry out the skin and contribute to the development of new signs of aging.

An additional advantage of placenta cream is its whitening properties. The Cai Mei Whitening Placenta Cream can help lighten your complexion as it nourishes your skin. When your skin is getting all it needs to maintain supple and moisturized skin, it also promotes the regular renewal and repair of skin cells. Healthy new skin cells are brought to the top layer of the skin bringing with it a fairer and radiant glow which makes you look several years younger.

Another good option for whitening and cosmetics would be the Cai Mei Whitening Foundation Cream. It has the same whitening properties as the whitening placenta cream, but it can also act as a concealer. The cream has a tone similar to that of a makeup base or foundation so you can use it in combination with your cosmetic kit.

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Caimei Sheep Placenta Cream, 70 g

Caimei Sheep Placenta Cream, 70 g

The Cai Mei line of placenta creams is designed to provide you with the best skin care products that reverse the aging process and get you that healthy and young looking skin that you deserve. The placenta cream is a safe and affordable product to use every day without any side effects. Through daily use, you’ll immediately see results within a few weeks!

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